Testimonial: LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Garage Door Opener systems, with a complete line of door openers. And sitting at the top of their product food web rests the 8500 Elite collection. A wall surface mountable door opener that takes a different strategy at lifting doors. Rather than mounting in the center of your ceiling as well as making use of a lengthy chain, belt or screw to get to over and also draw the door up, it simply gets hold of the drive shaft as well as turns it. Wow, what a basic suggestion!

The two largest advantages of a jackshaft garage door opener are:

It uses up no room in the middle of your ceiling, or can be mounted in a scenario where the ceiling is exceptionally high or angled.
They are extremely quiet. Also the quietest ceiling mounted opener will be apparent inside the home due to the fact that it will shake the ceiling somewhat. A jackshaft opener has no such concern.
LiftMaster 8500 Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Components
Firstly, I need to say that the box the 8500 can be found in was awesome. They in fact have actually a developed in box opener strip which enables you to whiz the leading straight off the box in order to get at the contents. WHO DOES THAT??? No one, that’s that. And everybody should. Congratulations to LiftMaster for this dazzling touch of brilliant, and I assume its a proof to the information that enter into the products in basic.

The 8500 Jackshaft opener system includes a number of different components:

As soon as the gateway is installed, including a door is decline dead simple. On the internet site just pick “+ Manage Places”, then Add New Device. Comply with the on screen motivates, which truly just inform you to push the learn button on your opener– and also BAM. Done!

LiftMaster 8500 Accessories
Its great to have remote controlled doors, yet its no enjoyable to have various apps for the doors than every little thing else you might have laying about. So LiftMaster also supplies a couple of other things you can add to your system.

Now you’ll have the ability to accessibility to your system through a web based gateway on MyLiftMaster.com, or you could download the iOS or Android app. Although the iOS app appears to be just created for the iPhone, it functions flawlessly on my iPad Mini without looking bad.

Although I was including the tools from my laptop computer, I took place to have the application up on my Android phone and I observed the gadgets were being included near actual time within the app! It was superb!

Remember that also a less expensive opener is going to run you $350-400 at a minimum. And those are not visiting last as long, they’ll be loud, as well as have none of the trendy features this device has. Its not worth it if you ask me. And this is a case where the first-rate product is just a little bit much more pricey than a bare bones unit. Do not you desire the spread in between a low-cost computer system as well as a first-rate was just $250?

Yet I swerve …

The actual opener. A portable wall surface install unit with a Lifetime electric motor and 5-year parts warranty. Attaches directly to the shaft with the spring that goes throughout the door.
Wall surface console. This is the remote unit which installs on the wall surface to open up the door and also switch on the light. Also has a “find out” switch on it so you do not need to do that on the major device!
Infrared Safety Beam Sensors. These mount at the end of the rails as well as protect against the door from gathering something in the means.
Power Locks. They automatically secure the door when it shuts. No should manually use the slide lock that featured the door initially!
Cord Tensioner Sensor. Procedures the tension on the cord that increases the door and halts the opener if it finds a trouble. This protects the door.
Remote light. A wireless device that could be connecteded into any type of 110v outlet and activates with each door opening. Can also be activated with the wall surface install opener.
One remote control. A 3 switch programmable, remote control unit. In my situation switches 1 and also 2 control doors as well as switch 3 manages outside lights.
Cabling and also mounting equipment
To obtain this off the beaten track before we get involved in the whole review, the Liftmaster 8500 must run about $650 installed. You could additionally be able to get a tiny discount rate, or maybe a free battery backup, however you should not need to pay far more.

The most important thing to note regarding the LiftMaster 8500 system is that it is infinitely upgradeable to do all examples! Control your door using Apps as well as the Internet, switch lights on and also off from another location, provide monitoring gadgets in the home of rapidly notify you to open up doors, and more. So lets obtain right into a few of the truly great features of this system.

LiftMaster 8500 Remote Internet Control
The MyQ entrance mounts quickly. One power plug and an ethernet cable and also you’re done. Following step is to visit http://www.myliftmaster.com and produce an account. Its as basic as selecting a username and also password, after that verifying with an e-mail.

One note is that whenever the LiftMaster app is opened up on either system it needs you to re-enter your password. This is a small hassle in the name of protection, though I would certainly rather the apps provided the customer the opportunity to consider the password too. In my situation, every one of my devices are currently secured with a master PIN. So people can not get to the apps anyhow.

825LM Remote Light Control
The 825LM Remote Light Control permits remote control of any kind of lamp linkeded into a wall outlet from your garage push-button control. That’s right, you might turn on a lamp in your house when you drive up by pressing a button on the remote after you open your garage door!

823LM Remote Light Switch
The 823LM Remote Light Switch enables you to accomplish the exact same everything, but with an actual light switch in the wall surface. Merely change your existing button with the 823LM as well as bingo, switch on some lights with the press of the remote switch. We wired this button approximately our exterior lights so we can activate the driveway lights with the push-button control.

829LM Door Monitor
The 829LM Door Monitor is a very convenient remote tracking tool that could be put anywhere inside the residence, and will notify you when a door is opened up in addition to enabling the door to be from another location shut. This monitor is particularly beneficial due to the fact that of the peaceful operation of the door. It would certainly be difficult to spot the opening of a door inside the house without it.

When the Door Monitor issues a command to close the door, the 8500 door opener responds by releasing an alarm system inside the garage to inform any individual near the door that it is being shut. It coincides alarm system that sounds when the door is shutting instantly on a timer.

877MAX Wall mount Wireless Entry
The wall surface install remote is among my favorite functions due to the fact that it makes certain that you’ll never ever be shut out of the garage as long as you could bear in mind a 4 number code.

LiftMaster 8500 Install Notes
Messing with garage doors is ideal entrusted to a professional. There are a great deal of unsafe components under stress. The springtimes at the leading requirement to be changed in order to take the load off the opener. But doing so might cause significant injury. Furthermore, the cords connecting the pole at the top to the rollers at the base of the door are under tension, and also can truly harm a person if they came loose.

A Note About Plano Overhead Door
Although we only had actually the doors set up on the garage a number of months prior to the brand-new LiftMasters going in, the Plano Overhead staff uncovered as well as remediated a number of evident errors the initial installers made.

The combination of the 8500 Jackshaft opener with nylon covered steel rollers is one of the most silent garage door you’ve ever listened to. When opening the only noise is the slight hum of an electric motor. You’ve never NOT heard anything like it!

Realize that after you set up the 888LM wall console you require to power down the opener, then power it on and provide it a couple of mins to sync up with the console. With the 8500 it took around a min or 2 to sync up.

LiftMaster Battery Backup
With all this modern technology opening your doors, the last everything you want is to be shut out of your garage when the power decreases. So for $79 you can screw on a big battery backup that will certainly keep the opener undergoing practically any kind of type of power outage conditions.

Added Remote Controls
Given that each system only includes a solitary control, you might need additionals for your other automobiles (if they do not have HomeLink integrated in).

The remote will also control around 7 or 8 doors! Just train it for each door with a different code. And also it has one especially trendy attribute! If you have a number of doors open, you can hit the ENTER switch as well as close them all simultaneously with a solitary switch press. Outstanding!

If you have an older LiftMaster, from 1998 to current), you can actually upgrade to the remote opening system as well by acquiring the 888LM wall surface console, the Gateway, and your remotes. You’ll basically upgrade every little thing but the electric motor as well as you could make use of the apps to open your existing door!

HomeLink Repeater
The new 8500 door openers use the brand-new 900mhz regularity for the remotes, so if you want to set an in-car Home Link system with a car that is older than 2012 you’ll probably require a little repeater/translator which the installer should have. Just remember to discuss that you’re going to use a HomeLink so you can get the parts you’ll require.

The doors didn’t completely seal to the flooring
The hand-operated locks, which were changed with automatic locks controlled by the openers, were not installed appropriately, contributing to the failure of the doors to seal with the floor. It would have just taken a little adjustment during install to be appropriate.
The garage doors would not open fully due to the fact that the angle iron in the ceiling had actually been set up in a way that prevented the door from really opening up right!
The springtime on among our doors was the inaccurate size! (A $275 component!).
Base line. If you are throughout the Dallas area and also you need garage doors or garage door openers, my very first hand experience with Plano Overhead Door was impressive and I ‘d strongly advise choosing them.

The people from Plano Overhead Door that had the tendency to my installment likewise clued me in on a few problems with my brand-new garage doors, which had actually been installed by one more business (regrettably). Although we had actually mounted the most pricey doors cash could purchase, the rollers that had the door were plastic, although they might have been upgraded to steel or nylon coated steel for extremely little bit even more money. The nylon coated steel are the means to go because they’ll last a lot longer, run smoother, and be quieter.

Mentioning stress, the doors require to be changed appropriately in order for the openers to actually run. Fifty percent of the time invested in our installment included readjusting the doors to remedy pre-existing troubles.

To Sum everything Up.
I didn’t understand that I can really like a garage door opener, up until I got these LiftMaster 8500 Jackshaft devices. They are extremely peaceful, extremely connected, as well as ultra cool. As Ferris Bueller as soon as claimed, If you could afford it, I extremely suggest picking one up.